Is Jeremy Lane on the trade block?

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.11.38 PM
Unlike in recent years, the Seahawks are starting to find they have an embarrassment of riches at the cornerback position once again.

The Packers game, as devastating as it was on the offensive side of the ball, was equally encouraging on defense.

After the Seahawks traded for Justin Coleman, and added promising rookie Shaquill Griffin in the draft, Seattle has an opportunity to evaluate its options. Griffin and Coleman both held up well against one of the greatest QBs of the modern era, Aaron Rodgers.

And based on this tweet from Seahawks Cap and Roster Analyst Davis Hsu, they very well may be …

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.57.31 AM

The Seahawks very well could move on from Lane. Not because he was ejected during Sunday’s 17-9 loss at Lambeau Field, but because he and his $4m salary are no longer needed. Additionally, there’s little doubt Lane will be cut next offseason before his $6m price tag becomes guaranteed for 2018.

The question is with whom the Seahawks can trade. The Jets could be a destination for Lane. New York has all but said they are tanking this season. The Seahawks must have known this when they engaged in negotations for (and acquired) pass-rushing superstar Sheldon Richardson. The franchise’s hopes could turn on a dime with the addition of Lamar Jackson or Sam Darnold, so the first overall pick should be their primary objective.

Should the Seahawks engage in talks with the Jets, G James Carpenter could be the first name that is brought up. Carpenter was not hugely popular during his time in Seattle, but he absolutely destroyed defenders in the run game. He helped pave the way for Marshawn Lynch’s 5,357 rushing yards between 2011 and 2014. Make no mistake: Carpenter is an effective run blocker. Also, Carpenter is due $4.5m this year, so there would be little change in the Seahawks’ cap should this deal happen.

Considering the Seahawks only gained 90 yards on the ground Sunday, Carpenter would fill a necessary need. The Seahawks could put Carpenter at left guard and move Luke Joeckel out to tackle, who played there for the Jaguars in 2014 and had a productive year (for the most part).

It’s unknown whether Carpenter could move to the right side, supplanting Mark Glowinski. But if Carpenter could replicate his play at right guard, it could be an ideal pairing with tackle Germain Ifedi. That’s a scary tandem in run formations.

Whether or not this trade is possible, the Seahawks do have resources to make a trade like this. Because the offensive line is desperate for reinforcements, the Seahawks may try to trade a luxury for a need.

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